Richard "Dick" Driver aka slicer3 Has Resurfaced!

Truely sorry for lack of administration of this blog, I have been alerted Mr. Richard Driver aka slicer3 is defrauding once again.

I logged into the blog this weekend to see if there was any activity and I received this message from Mr. X:
Richard last sighted at At 1420 Crescent St. Montreal, QC H3G 2B7 apt # 1405, Bastard owes me $1600
Other messages contained information that Dick has been trying to scam landlords out of rent money in Montreal.

Linked are the Craigslist postings.

This man will never give up his schemes. Mr. Richard Driver will always be lurking.

Moreover, it was brought to attention, Mr. Sevaan Simon, slicer's assistant, has asserted numerous times during prior months, declaring he had no firsthand knowledge of Mr. Driver's "Warrior Coaching" scam and has requested the posting about him removed from this blog. For now it will be obilged and pulled down, he gets the benefit of doubt.

Mr. Simon states his non-involvement but let the facts be noted.
1. He was slicer's assistant.
2. slicer used Mr. Simon's Paypal account collect funds.
3. No one received refunds after everything exploded in slicer's face.

Those three actualities can not be disputed.

Seperate good news, Internet Archive has reindexed our previous posts made on Dick's beguiling in 2010.

View more history on Mr. Richard Driver.



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  3. Seen the fucker

  4. Seen the Fucker


If you or know of anybody has been scammed by Richard Driver, please share how this snake got you.